About Us

In 2000 our love of cooking mushroomed into a new business idea.  Coming from the medical sales world and providing lunch every day for prospective clients the idea popped up to start a corporate catering company.

As many new businesses ideas evolve, we had no idea how to get started and where to find the resources to make our dream a reality.  After many phone calls and quickly educating ourselves we learned we could not operate this new business out of our home.  Feeling like the wind was let out of our sails, we quickly turned to the yellow pages (yes, the yellow pages) trying to find commercial kitchen space to rent.  We called VFW Halls,  restaurants, schools, you name it we were dialing looking  for a new home for our business.

Through word of mouth we heard a local church, The Federated Church, had a beautiful new commercial kitchen and they may be open to a tenant.  We quickly contacted them and were thrilled they welcomed us into their space.  It was truly a miracle we stumbled across them.  We were able to pursue our dream of leaving “corporate America” for a new venture where we could use our creativity, passion for cooking and the love of food!

Thankfully we plugged along and grew our business over the years.  We decided to package one of our most requested catering items, our triangles and begin selling them wholesale.

At that point we grew out of the church space and embarked on the next chapter of our business.  We moved into a 4,000 square foot facility where we had “real office space” no more mobile office out of our cars, a commercial kitchen and warehouse facility to produce and package our triangles.  As we got settled we couldn’t stop there, we ended up adding more products to our specialty food line and six years later we grew out of that space.

In October of 2011 we moved into a 14,000 sq ft facility space in Chagrin Falls.  It was even more exciting, this time we had “real office space” with individual offices and doors!  The last space was one 500 sq ft room where only one person could be on the phone at a time.

We were at a point in our business where we could no longer handle the demands of the catering business, so we decided to focus all our time on producing our products and growing our brand.  We had all our catering equipment and felt this was a good time to return the favor that the Federated Church had given to us 12 years ago.  This is how Chagrin Valley Kitchen was born.

While we went with the “build it and they will come” mentality by simply moving our existing equipment and pre-wiring for additional equipment we are excited to help people get their dreams off the ground in the food industry.  We have met so many wonderful and helpful people along the way and have a network of resources built and we’re happy to assist not only in offering Chagrin Valley Kitchen but offering our co-packing services to those who want to go that route.

Whatever your dream is, grandma’s brownie recipe, a cupcake business, your secret barbeque sauce, catering, teaching classes, hosting kids birthday parties, we’re here to help.