Expectations and Policies

While we want you to think of our kitchen as your kitchen, please be as respectful and careful with our equipment and facility as if it was your own.  We strive to make this a fun easy facility to work in, therefore please be courteous and abide by these simple guidelines:

    • Return things in the condition you found them.
    • Accidents happen, if you break something you are responsible for replacing it.  Please notify us immediately if an accident occurs.
    • Keep your work areas clean.  You are responsible for standard simple cleaning: wash dishes and put them away, wipe down dirty surfaces, sweep, mop, pull trash.
    • Break down all boxes and place in outside dumpster for pick up.  Trash bags are to be placed in same bin.
    • Oil and grease is deposited in specified bin in the back of the building.

Cancellation Policy

Once you have booked kitchen time you are responsible for paying for those hours.  While we understand that things come up, we have committed those kitchen hours to you and expect you to follow through with your financial commitment to Chagrin Valley Kitchen.

Vacation Policy

Once you have set kitchen hours those are your hours, and we will not give them away.

If you go on vacation you must pay for those hours if you wish to keep them when you come back.

(If you think of it like an apartment, you would always pay your monthly rental fee even if you went on vacation,knowing that it will be there for you when you return).

If you do not care if you maintain the same hours when you return then we require one month’s written notification and will release your set-times.

Termination Policy

One month advance written notification is required to terminate kitchen rental.  Last month’s rent will be forfeited if written notice is not received.

Health Department/Department of Agriculture

Repeated (2) violations of Health Department or Department of Agriculture Codes may result in revocation of your kitchen usage privileges, and cancellation of your lease.

Security Deposit

Chagrin Valley Kitchen requires a fully refundable security deposit for use of the kitchen.  Rates are as follows:

Full time tenants    $1,000
Part time tenants         $500

Security deposits will be refunded as long as all rents have been paid on time and there is no damage to our kitchen.  With 30 days written termination your security deposit will be refunded.