1. Can I rent the kitchen full time? Yes, right now we are open to renting to one tenant, however as soon as we book part time tenants, it will not be available for an exclusive full time rental. If you are able to share the space we can discuss full time rental.

  2. Do I bring my own equipment? We do provide some basic equipment, however you will need to bring specific items that are unique to the product you are producing.

  3. Will I have storage space? Yes. Rates for storage space are listed in the rates section.

  4. When do I pay for kitchen usage? Payment is due prior to your use of the kitchen. If you are reserving multiple blocks of time for the month, your advance payment is needed to reserve those times. In the case of one-time or drop-in use, payment will be required prior to using the kitchen.

  5. What if I don’t use all my hours for the month? Hours cannot be credited to the following month. We understand that it is hard to estimate how many hours you’ll need, but due to the nature of the business, it is extremely important that you try to estimate as accurately as possible. It becomes a bookkeeping nightmare to try to keep track of roll over hours especially if the next month is 100% sold out. If you end up with extra hours, we will do our best to help connect you to another client looking for hours or who are willing to trade with you.

  6. What if I need extra hours? If there are open hours available, additional hours can be purchased at the same rate you are paying for the current month. We will do our best to help you find additional hours to get your order complete.

  7. Can I receive deliveries? Yes, you should try to schedule your deliveries during your scheduled time in the kitchen. If this is not possible then you will need to make arrangements with another client to inspect, sign and properly store your deliveries for you.

  8. Can I have my product picked up by UPS or Fed Ex? Yes, UPS picks up from our facility daily. You must open your own account with them and handle your own labels, packaging materials etc. You can schedule Fed Ex to pick up also, you are responsible for all arrangements.

  9. Can I use the Kitchen’s address as my actual business address? Yes, you can use Chagrin Valley Kitchen’s address as your mailing address, put it on your products and receive your business mail here.

  10. Do I have to clean up after I’m finished? Yes, each person is expected to leave the kitchen immaculate after they finish their day. We ask that you clean work tables, stoves, sinks, floors etc. daily. We rely on everyone to leave the kitchen as you would want to find it. We handle cleaning of common areas such as the bathrooms, hallways and we will do deep cleans as needed. We just ask that you do the basics as you would do at home in your own kitchen.

  11. What if something breaks? Accidents do happen, if you break something we expect you to report it immediately and take responsibility for replacing it. We work hard to perform preventative maintenance on all our equipment however, we do understand that equipment breaks from time to time from daily use and wear and tear. If this is the case, again, please report it immediately. We have great relationships with our plumbers, electricians, HVAC contractor as well as a general restaurant equipment repair company. We will do our best to get the situation repaired as quickly as possible.

  12. Liability Insurance:
    You are welcome to purchase insurance through any agent or company of your choice. If you do not have an agent you can call Chris Pavone with Allstate.
    Pavone & Associates
    913 E Aurora Road
    Macedonia, OH 44056

  13. How do I get a food service license? Once we understand your need for using CVK we can direct you to the proper agency for acquiring the correct license.