Getting Started

To begin your exciting endeavor give us a call or send an email to make an appointment to come see the kitchen to make sure it meets your needs.   While we are here most every day, we do travel and are running our business, so “drop-ins” are difficult to accommodate if we’re in a meeting or working with another client.

Once you determine Chagrin Valley Kitchen is for you, we need just a few things:

  1.  A signed operating agreement with Chagrin Valley Kitchen
  2. Proof of Liability Insurance (minimum coverage of $1 million) with Chagrin Valley Kitchen listed as additional insured.
  3. Your Security Deposit.
  4. Depending on your kitchen use you will either need a Health Department Certificate or a Department of Agriculture certificate.  We can direct you to the proper department depending on your use.
  5. A list of your desired times and dates to get you started.

Please fill out the application and we will then contact you to set up a time to come tour the facility if you are a viable candidate.